Kingswood Photo Frenzy!!


Here are a selection of photographs from our adventures at Kingswood.

End of Day 2 – Disco Divas on the Dancefloor

Good evening!
With a good dinner inside us of either a roast dinner or mushroom pie, followed by apple pie and custard, we were raring to go and ready to boogie. The disco was great and there were certainly lots of interesting moves displayed on the dance floor!

Ahead of the morning, we are all packed up and ready to go so that we can make the most of our last day. Depending on what group we are in, activities tomorrow include abseiling, archery, climbing and quad biking – all before a chicken nugget dinner before we travel home.

We’ve had a brilliant time and a very much looking forward to a good night’s sleep before welcome home hugs and kisses from our nearest and dearest.
Enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts as we are back tomorrow!
See you then

Day 2 – Action packed activities a plenty!

Our morning started with a full English breakfast before we headed outside to begin our day of activities.

So far today, depending our groups, we have abseiled, completed the obstacle challenge, zipwired, quadbiked, caved, tried our hands at archery and fencing as well as the nightline challenge AND that’s all BEFORE our evening activity where we will be busting our moves on the disco dance floor – I bet you’re all just tired reading what we’ve been up to!

Back to food and lunch was pizza and wedges with fruit for pudding, which they all ate very well – much needed to keep their energy levels up.

You will be both pleased and proud to hear that all of the children have given each of the activities their best shot – even if they were hesitant at first.

Advance warning – with outdoor activities come suitcases filled with muddy clothes!

More updates later – we’re missing you all but having a great time and the competition for bedtime is ON!

Day 1 on our Kingswood Adventure.

After what seemed to be the longest journey ever we arrived at RAF Cosford. We headed straight into our challenge to design and make a rocket to be launced. Competition was tough and that was just from the staff! The ultimate goal was to hit the hanger wall once launched. After several misfires some adjustments were made and all rockets were successfully fired, some travelling further than others.

After lunch we all had an amazing surprise, the 4D experience. We flew through the air with the Red Baron and swerved through different obstacles on the way.

Finally, we arrived at Kingswood and met our leader Loren who took us on a site tour before showing us to our rooms where we battled to make our beds! 😁

We took part in our first activity which was either fencing or caving. All children rose to the challenge with huge smiles on their faces.

The challenge is on for the best room at bed time. Who will be the winners… all to be revealed later.

Due to poor internet signal photos will be uploaded tomorrow.

Good night from Year 3 x

Goat Cheese Farm Photos

Day 4 – last day in France 😢

We’ve had a terrific last day en France.

After breakfast, which included the croissants we made yesterday, we headed to the chocolate factory where we learned how chocolate was made (and got to try some nice chocolate whilst there too). It was really interesting and we enjoyed the shop at the end!

From there, we made our way to Nausicaa. As well as fish, there were sharks, sea lions, crocodiles and penguins and THE best gift shop of the week (apologies in advance for the additional cuddly toys that might be coming home with us!)

At dinner time, those brave enough sampled frogs legs and snails but we all ate a meal of steak hache and chips before busting our moves on the disco dancefloor.

It’s an early start tomorrow to pack up, head to the market and patisserie before the long drive home.

We have had a fab time but are very much looking forward to the biggest hugs and seeing you all tomorrow.

1 more sleep and we will be back!


ps lots more photos to load as and when they will upload! O

End of Day 3 – goats cheese farm & meal

Good evening!

It’s been a non-stop day. After croissant making and our big play outside, we had a 3 course meal at the chateau then headed out to the goats cheese farm.

The children enjoyed looking at the farm animals – especially the baby goats as well as the opportunity to roam in the fields with the goats. Those brave enough tried goats’ milk with varying degrees of success!

All listened really well when learning about the cheese making process before sampling the cheese… again with varying degrees of success!

We’ve not long been in from our meal out which was delicious and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Everyone looked really smart and will go to bed with very full tummies tonight!

The internet is not playing ball tonight and we have so many fab photos from our day today.

We will try and load them on tomorrow in the hope that’s it’s more speedy.

2 more sleeps then we are home,

Missing you all but having a fab time

a bientot



Day 3 – Stage 1 croissant making

PWe had a later breakfast this morning at 8 o’clock as our first activity of the day was croissant making. We had a great time weighing and measuring, rolling and fashioning our croissants.
The sun is out today so whilst they were in the fridge, we had a big play outside at the chateau which we really enjoyed.
We had a lovely morning
More later….

ps lots more photos taken but they’re not loading up 😡

Day 2 continued…

Going down into Wellington Quarry was really interesting. We learned how the quarries were used by the British troops to make their way to the front line to attack the Germans without being discovered. It was amazing to think about the work that went on underground and to imagine what it must have been like before heading above ground via exit 10. The children asked really interesting questions and at the end of the film there was a respectful silence as they reflected on what it must have been like for the soldiers.

After a quick look in the gift shop, we got back onto the coach and made our way to Vimy Ridge. Once there, we ate our home-made packed lunches then ventured via no man’s land into the trenches to compare the Allies with the Germans. In the visitor centre at Vimy Ridge, the children completed a tour of artefacts and were able to listen to recounts of life in the trenches.

From there, we went to the Vimy Ridge memorial where we learned about the symbolic meanings of the sculptures carved into the monument and observed the graves in a war cemetery.

The Croods was the DVD of choice on the long journey back to the chateau which only left dinner and French games ahead of bedtime and the competition of who will win round 2 of boys v girls The Sleep Off!

It’s been a great day and here are some photos to prove it.


A demain






Photo frenzy!



As promised here are some photos from the past couple of days.  There are more to follow but in the meantime, enjoy!



We will be in touch with more of our antics very soon!